Immobilization Without Installation

Introducing the NOSTART immobilization system. Revolutionary immobilizers that use microelectronics to replace almost any of the vehicle’s normal relays. Starter solenoid relay, fuel pump relay and fuel injection relay just to name a few.

Remote Control or Hands Free

A pseudo random transmission remote control communicates directly with the NOSTART relay. System operates with either a standard rolling code remote control, Digitally Coded Key (DiCK) or the new hands free remote control.

Installation Instructions

Click here for standard installation instructions or here for custom installation instructions. This provides a general guide on how to evaluate your own vehicle. Use this if your vehicle is not listed in the vehicles page.

Revolutionary Concept

The superposition of digitally coded signals on the vehicle’s wiring,  enables the NOSTART relay's microelectronics to replace practically any in the relay in your vehicle. 

Simply insert your Digitally Coded Key (DiCK) into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and the NOSTART Immobilizer allows the engine to start.


Within our database are the details of both the American and the Australian vehicles we have inspected. We strive to record every vehicle that is compatible with the NOSTART relays. 

System Usage

The NOSTART relay system is the simplest of immobilisers to use. From single vehicle, two car families, small business fleet to a whole fleet of taxis; the NOSTART system offers the flexibility to secure any number of vehicles.


  • Wireless system - installation requires no additional wiring.

  • No cutting of wires required - immobilization is inherent when installing the product.

  • No installation knowledge required.

  • High security as no wires to follow or bridge out.

  • Any number of areas of immobilization

  • 20 amp relay capability - relays can break circuits carrying up to 20amps.

  • Auto arming - unit ensures vehicle is immobilized when not in use.

  • Complex secure 64 bit code - 1,800,000,000,000,000,000 individual combinations.

  • Cannot be scanned or code grabbed - the NOSTART-001 does not emit any code related RF transmissions.

  • NOSTART-002 uses high security encryption to avoid code grabbing.

  • Relay electronics fully protected against EMC - electronic noise suppression circuitry ensures the internal electronic stability.

  • Will pass ISO 7637-1 and 7637-3.

  • Noise immunity will accept 50 V/m from 80mHz to 1000 MHz as per IEC61000-4-6

  • Designed and engineered in Australia to meet world wide requirements

  • Manufactured in ISO 9002 facility.

  • NOSTART is a registered trademark of Dynamco Pty Ltd