Custom Installation Instructions

Although Mobilistics-Dynamco strive to document all known compatible vehicles, new cars will always escape inspection for a short time. To provide answers for unknown vehicles please follow this simple procedure to determine whether any given vehicle will accept the NOSTART.

  • Remove the vehicle relay from it’s socket; within the engine bay or vehicle cabin. The relay must control an engine critical function like, fuel injection, fuel pump, starter motor or ignition.

  • Examine the pins of the vehicle relay and ensure the configuration matches that of the NOSTART relay.

  • If the pins match exactly, simply insert the NOSTART relay into the vehicle relay socket.

  • Attempt to start the engine as per normal without the DiCK in the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or without first pressing a valid remote control. The engine must not start.

  • Disarm the NOSTART by inserting the DiCK into the vehicle cigarette lighter socket or by pressing a valid remote control. Once again attempt to start the engine. At this point the engine must start. NB, depending on the vehicle's relay wiring, the ignition switch may need to be in the "ON" or "START" position.

If any of the points above proves false, the vehicle’s relay circuit is not be suitable for the NOSTART. Alternate circuits may be found within the vehicle using the same technique. Other possibly suitable circuits include fuel pump, fuel injection and ignition circuits to name a few.

If no suitable circuits are available, a manual installation is another alternative.

Mobilistics-Dynamco also provides a NOSTART print friendly data and general installation sheet.