Method #1 - Insert the Digitally Coded Key (DiCK) into the vehicle’s 12VDC cigarette lighter socket. The data signal will begin transmitting, when the ignition switch is turned to the "ON" or  "START" position. DiCK can be left in socket while driver, however Mobilistics-Dynamco recommends removing in case it is forgotten
Method #2 - Press the main button of a standard rolling code remote control. This allows a client to have any remote control from any other Mobilistics-Dynamco remote immobiliser/alarm programmed into the NOSTART memory. Both systems work seemly from the same remote control.
Method #3 - Mobilistics-Dynamco is proud to present the new Hands-Free remote control. NOSTART receives signal automatically from special remote as you approach the vehicle., the NOSTART will allow power to flow to the circuit that has been immobilized.

Digitally Coded Key

Standard Remote Control

Hands Free Remote Control