Operating Instructions


The NOSTART relay system has no user activated arming facility. The NOSTART automatically arms when power is lost from the coil connections for longer than 30 seconds or instantly if +12VDC is lost from both the coil and contact connections. We recommend leaving the DiCK in the cigarette lighter socket until you complete your journey.


Insert the DiCK into the vehicle’s 12VDC cigarette lighter socket. The data signal will begin transmitting, when the ignition switch is turned to the "START" position, the NOSTART will allow power to flow to the circuit that has been immobilized.


To program the NOSTART relays to accept new standard remote control, power is applied across the coil pins. Momentarily press the small button on a master remote, then press the main button on the new remote control. The relay will make a small (very small) click and close the normally open contacts when the new code is accepted.

Once any standard remote is programmed into the NOSTART relay, the master code is automatically disabled.

Master code remote controls are only available to installers and re-sellers.

The coil pins are described below in red.

The polarity of the voltage applied across the pins is bi-directional, the relay is able to correct reverse polarity internally.

Flexibility of Master Code system

Each NOSTART relay is capable of tracking 10 remote controls. This allows fleet manages to incorporate a master code system.

  • Where the driver of each vehicle will be given 2 remote controls - one spare.

  • The department manager will then have a remote control programmed to each vehicle in his/her department.

  • The company mechanics will then have a remote control that allows access to every vehicle in every department.

  • The area manager will have a master remote control which allows the erasing of unwanted codes.

The master code of one company will be completely different to master code of another. So codes can not be programmed by unauthorized masters remote controls.