Standard Installation Instructions

The standard installation process for the NOSTART is no more difficult than replacing a relay.

Mobilistics-Dynamco is in constant contact with vehicle dealerships in both the USA and Australia. A catalogue of vehicle particulars such as:-

  • Suitable NOSTART relay

  • Type of immobilization point

  • Immobilization location

  • Auto-arming time

  • And more....

So installation is as simple as following the particulars as shown in the database.

To allow for the two separate regions, we have divided the database into American and Australian vehicles. At this point users require a username and password, therefore end-users need to speak to their retailer for NOSTART vehicle details.

Prospective retailers and installer may apply for a username and password by filling in the linked eform.

Mobilistics-Dynamco also provides a NOSTART print friendly data and general installation sheet.